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dbPT Directors Package

Well, this is the programme that I wish was offered to me way back then. My story is not unique, many people are in a similar situation as I was or have retired and need to gain back their health.


Originally, and selfishly, this programme was written for me. Not exactly for me now, but me at the time I sold my business many years ago. At this time in my life I was stressed, overweight and struggling with osteoarthritis. I can remember on many occasions having to shift my legs over the side of the bed while keeping my body flat, readying myself to stand up. I would often ask my wife to help me put my socks on.


My business had been successful. I had a nice wage, house, car, boat, motorbike, holidays, and many things I did not really need. But what I had lost during this time in my life was my health.

And good health is truly the most important thing we can achieve.

At that time, I wish that I had someone to offer direction on gaining back my health and help me lose weight, improve sleep, move better, stand straighter, get stronger to help with my osteoarthritis. Someone that could guide me on natural supplements that may improve my health, talk to me about ways to increase longevity and reverse some of the damage I had done.

Being told by the NHS that there is nothing they can do to help my osteoarthritis got me thinking "there's got to be something I can do" - and there was. This story is interesting with much more to tell, but the point I wish to make is that it took years of research and cutting through the crap to eventually get my health, fitness, and aesthetics to the best they have been ever. This was in my 50’s.


Due to my success, I wish to share my knowledge and am pleased to introduce the Directors Package.


Included in the Directors Package: -


Diet & Nutrition Consultation


As part of the Directors Package, you will receive a Diet & Nutrition Consultation at the Transformation Studio which will take about 1.5 to 2 hours. The reason the consultation is based over an extended period is we will be teaching and providing you with diet advice which promotes long-term wellbeing and longevity.  You will be taught how to lose weight and balance your diet for life, not just a short term fat loss diet.

Our diet plays a huge part in how we look and feel, and to eat right we must get the mind right.  dbPT specialises in establishing good eating habits, tackling behavioural issues associated with diet, and providing advice on not just examples of what to eat, but definitively how to eat. You will also be given healthy tips for fat loss, and advice on how to log your daily food intake using a diet App which integrates with our very own Fitness App. We will cover all bases, set everything up during your consultation and track your diet over the 3-month program period.


3 Month Training Program


The Directors Package is set over 3 months, but of course you are always welcome to become a member and continue your journey with us once the package has ended. We will be training you 3 days per week in our boutique-style “Transformation Studio” at times to suit you, and the workouts will be mostly resistance based. You will not only be coached how to use weights efficiently but also taught a method of training, in fact we will teach you all you need to be able to walk into any gym and train with confidence. We will also train you in our Boot Camp area where will be doing bodyweight circuits, using battle ropes, and boxing as examples. The Boot Camp area is available for use at any time during your 3-month package. At the end of the 3 months, you will feel notably stronger and healthier, and if you adhered to the fat loss diet will see changes in your physique.


Fully Integrated dbPT Training App


We will provide you with our fully integrated dbPT training app. The app will track all aspects of your fat loss diet and your exercise program. It stores all your training statistics ensuring we are constantly progressing your workout program to increase your strength and aesthetics. The app also has a built-in messenger so you can contact us at any time with questions you may have.


Personal Trainers


Your Personal Trainers are Darren & Kade Baker (father and son) who are passionate about health and wellness. Their ability to transform your physique is driven by this. In fact, the motivation and drive you bring to the Studio will be doubled by them. This passion has been placed into a thirst for knowledge not only to fuel their own selfish reasons to be fit, healthy and live a long life, but to offer their clients all the up-to-date knowledge, and to assist them in becoming the best versions of themselves.


The Directors Package has been designed to offer what Darren wished was available to him when he closed his business after years of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Darren is now 57 years of age and is healthier, fitter and even looks better than he did, well ever. And his Osteoarthritis is no longer a problem.

It took years of research for Darren to learn all he has, and he wishes at the time he could have approached someone who could have guided him through the change required to improve his health and life generally. That is why he is keen to pass this on to you in this package.


Kade qualified for his Level 3 Reps Certified Personal Trainer qualification one week after his 17th birthday making him one of the youngest individuals ever to qualify. At his young age (compared to his dad) he already has 5 years of hands-on experience undertaking thousands of training sessions and working with hundreds of clients. At his current age of 23, he has already had the pleasure of changing so many lives for the better.

His passion for healthy food has assisted him to become a pretty good chef, and he will always be happy to discuss nutrition and meal ideas with you.


Father and Son offer great diversity for your training. Their positivity, love of life and great karma will always see you leaving the Studio with the biggest of smiles on your face.


From our clients’ own comments if we were to ever change the name “Transformation Studio” it would be to “Transformation Sanctuary” as that is what it is to so many of our clients.


Darren and Kade’s qualifications can be found on the about us page of the website.


Body Biomechanics Analysis and Rectification


We will be arranging an appointment for you to attend our preferred physiotherapists (AT Physio) who are chartered physiotherapists and members of the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

They will give you an examination and note any biomechanical issues you may have. They will supply us with a report and rectification exercises for us to implement to improve your posture and remedy any underlying issues you may have. We will teach you these stretches and exercises so you can add them into your 3-month Directors program.


Further details of AT Physio can be found at


Wellness Blood Test


We are not Doctors, Dieticians or Nutritionists, but using a third party we will carry out a comprehensive health check that tests for a broad range of blood markers to help be proactive and highlight any health issues you may have.


We will work with you discussing your blood test results and improving any biomarkers that are not in the preferred range. Your blood test will be carried out by Medichecks, who will offer bespoke feedback from an expert doctor. You can take your own blood test at home using a simple kit supplied by Medichecks, or we can arrange for you to have these taken by a professional in Colchester.


The Biomarker profiles will vary for males and females, but will cover: -


  • Hormones

  • Proteins

  • Liver Health

  • Cholesterol Status

  • Kidney Health

  • Diabetes

  • Iron Status

  • Thyroid Hormones

  • Gout Risk

  • Clotting Status

  • Red Blood Cells

  • White Blood Cells

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Muscle Health

  • Inflammation

We do not know of another programme that offers all of the above.



Email any enquires you have at, or visit us at The Studio for a no obligation chat. Come and meet the people that will be traveling with you on your journey. We would love to meet you!

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