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These are some of the testimonials we have received from our amazing clients!

"Darren and Kade are encouraging and welcoming. In my experience they are non judgemental and start from your level of fitness, and are as proud of your achievements as you are. They are committed professionals who are genuine and fun to work with."

- Debbi B

"I've been a regular at the studio for a year and a half, and without a doubt, Darren and Kade are the two most positive people in the world. Nothing is impossible, and they don't just teach all their clients the technical form and physical strength to improve every single session; they make sure that everyone has the mental belief in themselves that they can lift that higher weight or manage that extra rep. 


Even when I think I can't do something, their relentless optimism gives me the extra belief that I can at least try. And more often than not, even when my head is telling me it's impossible, my increased strength and stamina show that I can physically do it. Every single session, I'm challenged to do better than the last, and when I walk out of each session, I know that I'm physically and mentally stronger." - Amy D

"I have been a member at DBPT for almost 5 years and I can honestly say I’d never join another gym!

The Baker Boys have really changed my life, physically and mentally. They have had such a positive impact on me and have got me through some of my toughest times.. I’ve learnt how to life weights, which is something I never thought possible… I’ve lost weight, toned and become so much stronger!

Not only do we work hard but we have so much fun along the way! The other members are fab and I’ve made some great friends too. 

I would highly recommend DBPT if you’re looking for a fun way to work out and get fitter!" - Carla B

"Great personal approach to training. Two guys with great knowledge and enthusiasm for clients to achieve their own goals. They offer great support and excellent plans for work out and nutritional advice."

- Dave S

"I have been a member of a gym for some time however, I had lost my way and struggled to make progress with my fitness. I spoke with Darren in an initial consultation and I could not have been blown away more by his professionalism and pure knowledge of the subject in hand." - Byron

"Really knowledgeable trainers. Put me back on track after years of accidentally training wrong! Well worth the money." - Dave C

"I can not recommend DBPT Transformation Studio highly enough ... Darren and Kade are just amazing and I would not be recovering from my recent operation anywhere near as well as I am without them ... try a taster session ... you won't regret it."

- Wendy G

"Fantastic boot camp today with the awesome Darren and Kade! Thanks for a great workout and lots of giggles!"

- Astrid

"if you want personal trainers who are obsessive about their chosen trade, takes a serious personal interest in your wellbeing and can provide an environment where you can achieve anything you are willing to put your mind to, then sign up here, you won't be disappointed"

- Richard W

"Great studio and amazing people. Kade and Darren are so helpful and professional. I never liked going to the gym but now I love it."

- Paulina E

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