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Success Stories

Here are the stories, testimonials and lovely couples that have conceived their miracle babies following our Fertility Package.

We hope to grow this page, and help to continue bringing more life into the world.

Lauren, Mitch & Olivia

Lauren & Mitch Gunfield

"We decided that after our wedding in 2019, we wanted to start trying for a baby. We'd watched so many of our friends fall pregnant so we could never imagine there being a problem for us. A year later, we were still trying.

The doctors wouldn't do anything until we'd been trying for a year and a half. Finally, when we were able to see a doctor, we were told Mitch had a low sperm count and that they also had poor mobility. Due to COVID, every appointment was taking longer and longer. So, we decided we would try to improve things ourselves by joining a chain gym. Unfortunately, we had a chemical pregnancy which caused us to emotionally fall off the rails.

After a few months we knew we needed a kick, so Mitch's sister had told us about the gym she goes to. Little did we know how much effort Darren and Kade would put into research to help us. They thought of everything from supplements to many other tips covering so many different aspects that would improve our fertility.

They'd made so much effort that it spurred us on to want to do well for them. They pushed us, and we were determined to show them that we could lose the weight and improve our fitness. This would eventually lead us to falling pregnant with our miracle baby just short of 3 months from joining The Studio.

We'd been at another gym for a while but dbPT is on a completely different level. Darren and Kade are so passionate about what they do, and they will do anything for their clients providing you give back as much as they put in. I can honestly say that without the support, research, nutritional advice and weight-training, I don't believe we would be where we are now.

For those struggling with fertility and on the massive waiting list just to be seen by the NHS, I would strongly suggest going with dbPT."

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