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Local & Online Transformation Package

Are you a member of a big box gym?

Are you just walking into your gym and heading for the nearest treadmill?

Are you getting the results you wish for?

There is a chance you are not getting good results as you do not know how to begin your journey.

We can help

Over your 3 month membership, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve effective workouts and great results so you can get the best from your own local gym membership.


Enjoy 3 Personal Training sessions at our Transformation Studio in Capel St Mary where we will teach you your tailored workout programme which will include the most effective exercises to transform the way you look - achieving great results doesn't have to be complicated! 

Your training will be carried out by not only fully qualified trainers but trainers who 

are passionate about all aspects of physical wellness.

You will be provided with our fully integrated dbPT Training app which will track everything required over the 3-month transformation period.  It also has a direct messaging service built-in, so you can contact us with any questions you may have during the transformation process. 

The app will be cancelled after 3 months unless you wish to keep it, and if you do you will only be charged £30 per month to continue on your journey to a better you.

Diet & Nutrition program - We will set you up on your fat loss or muscle gain journey. We will measure your body statistics and guide you through our Diet & Nutrition program to assist you on your transformation journey.

We will always be on your shoulder to guide you and assist over the 3 month program.


Once we have set you up you can continue your journey using your own local gym. We will make any adaptions required to the exercises within your programme utilising the equipment within your local gym.


All this for £149.00 (excluding your local gym membership)


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