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dbPT Male Fertility Package

If you have landed on our site and clicked this page, you are probably trying to start a family.

Whether you are a male with low fertility, or a female who is passionately searching for ways to help their partner, please know that you are certainly not alone.
Male fertility has been steadily declining for decades.

Before we get further into the description of our package, please check our Success Stories page where we showcase real people who have successfully followed our programme.

Lauren & Mitch Gunfield
Sperm Count Chart

First observed in the 1970’s, sperm count has lowered a total of 52.4% over 40 years.


















Without one exact culprit to point the finger at, there are several factors which could potentially be the cause of progressive infertility.

The dbPT Male Fertility Programme has been designed to correct many of these negative factors.


When it comes to increasing fertility in men, there is no “one-pill fix.” Instead, there are many smaller components that when combined can make a significant difference.


Some say that if we don’t rectify this infertility trend, it could end with men being completely infertile.


“A fertile person is a healthy person.”


This is a bold statement, but if you are fertile, you are most likely doing many things to enhance your overall health and longevity.


Of course, it can be more complex than this, but generally having low fertility could be a sign that there are existing health issues.


Increasing fertility is a complex field, which involves both partners and a variety of factors. When it comes to infertility, it is common to think of the issue being with the female, which is wrong as half of all infertility cases are due to the male partner.


This programme has been designed to assist male infertility. Not erectile dysfunction. Although, this programme can have a positive effect with ED, more information can be provided for ED if required.


As male infertility is becoming a more common problem, getting help through the current systems in place can be a lengthy process. What we offer encompasses many aspects of health, good nutrition, diet and exercise, naturally. Healthy adjustments can make a great change to your fertility and ultimate goal of starting a family.


We would not dare to promise that a pregnancy is guaranteed, but we will stay positive and believe this will happen. We will state that you will finish this programme healthier, fitter and with a wealth of new knowledge on male infertility to assist you.


Depending on where you currently are with your health, all aspects of this fertility programme will be simple, to the point, and easy to follow. We’re here to provide assistance and guidance all the way.


This will be a 3 month programme and encompass the following: -


  • Three months membership to dbPT Transformation Studio in Capel St Mary, IP9 2XS. (More details of The Studio can be found on this website at Studio Membership)


  • Three training sessions per week at The Studio booked at times to suit you.

  • Access to a Personal Trainer for all your training sessions. We will teach you technique and be on hand to assist you at all times with your training program.

  • Access to the dbPT fully integrated Training app to track health parameters and your exercise programme.

  • You will be issued a document on the dbPT Male Fertility Programme which covers aspects such as: -

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Supplements

  • Endocrine Disruptors

  • Electronic Devices

  • Sleep


A two-hour Diet & Nutrition consultation at The Transformation Studio where we will also read through the dbPT Male Fertility Programme documentation together to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the programme and what will be required of you. During this consultation, we will set up your diet which will run alongside this three-month programme. 

Our positivity and passion for what we do


We will be on your shoulder guiding you continually through all aspects of this programme.The thought of helping you start a family is immense, it’s exciting, it’s emotional, and if this programme ultimately brings a new life into the world, it will bring us great happiness. Bringing you happiness brings us happiness, and for this we are thankful.



As you can see, this is a comprehensive programme that not only covers all the health aspects of increasing fertility but it also provides a friendly surrounding to exercise with your own Personal Trainer available.


We do not know of another programme that offers all of the above.

We offer access to all stages of this programme for you and your partner including three months access to The Transformation Studio.


We appreciate this is a lot to absorb during what can be a stressful time in your life, so please contact us with any questions you have on The Male Fertility Programme or visit us at The Studio for a no obligation chat. Come and meet the people that will be traveling your journey with you. We would love to meet you!

Again, please check out our Success Stories page for proof that we mean business!

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