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  • Darren Baker

Benefits of Weight Training for Women

Increasing Lean Mass

Becoming “toned” is a aesthetic benefit but extremely healthy as well. The word “toned” is disliked by many health and fitness professionals, but I like the term as it is widely used and understood. A “toned” body normally requires lowering the body fat and increasing muscle mass so the muscles are more defined. This is a fantastic look as it can change a slim body into a shaped physique. This can also be described as improving lean mass. Gaining lean mass is beneficial as it will burn more calories and help us stay healthy as we age. There is a condition known as Sarcopenia which can cause loss of strength and mobility issues as we age, and gaining lean mass can help protect against it. So weight training can help keep you strong, healthy and mobile as you age.

Improved Confidence

Increased confidence is another benefit of weight training. I often say to my female clients that it is fine to pull funny faces and grunt and groan in the gym as it will result in them looking gorgeous out of the gym. I tell them they will become strong and confident knowing they can lift heavy weights, and if they want to be girlie girlie they can go out wearing a lovely dress and play the defenceless lady knowing deep inside how strong they really are. Confidence is also gained from progressing one’s goals such as adding one more pull up, or increasing the overall weight on squats.

Confidence can also be gained from breaking one’s perceived barriers. Some ladies just don’t see themselves as strong, or are just nervous in the thought of using the scary gym equipment. I have not had a female client who has not enjoyed utilising the cable based resistance machines and they are always surprised by how much they actually do enjoy using them. This again increases confidence and bears the question “what else can I turn my hand to?”

Reduction In Body Fat

Weight training can increase metabolism which in turn promotes fat loss if your diet is in check. Also there is a calorie burn during the weight training as well as after as the increase in the metabolism can keep going through the night when you are tucked up in bed.

Increased Bone Density

Weight training can increase bone density and prevent bone loss which decreases the chance of breaking or fracturing your bones as you age. Strengthening the bones at a younger age can help protect you from a life changing break or fracture of the bone at an older age.

To Be Healthy For Others

If we stay fit and healthy we are able to better look after our family and friends. We can be strong and healthy for our children and grand children. We are able to continue to work to support our families. We can promote health and well being to all around us. I commonly see people sacrifice their own health due to taking on too much work, or constantly placing others before themselves. I often use the analogy of when the oxygen masks are released in an aircraft, you should always place yours on before helping others. If you forget to do this in life your health will deteriorate which has a massive bearing on other lives.

Stress Relief

Lifting heavy weights feels so primitive but enjoyable, and during that moment when you have to lift a huge weight for one more rep, nothing else matters. not work, not family problems, not the arse you work with, all you have to do is move the weight from A to B, that’s it, one moment of complete focus. The ultimate stress release!

And I would like to finish by saying “ women who lift lift weights are just utterly awesome”

How do you feel about weightlifting for women?


Be Happy… Be Healthy… Enjoy Life

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