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  • Darren Baker

Starvation Mode

“I couldn’t do that – I’d be starving”

I often here people say that they cannot skip a meal as they will get headaches, the shakes, feel sick, dizzy; just cannot do it.

The term “I am starving” is used too flippantly.

If we wish to lose weight then we do have to step outside of our comfort zone at times. But this is only for a period of time until we have reached our weight loss goal.

If you feel dizzy etc, it is most probably not the lack of food but more likely your body craving something you have been offering it for a long time, such as the high sugar snack you have every day with your bag of crisps at lunch time.

So what is starvation really?

A medical dictionary states the following:-

Starvation is the result of a severe or total lack of nutrients needed for the maintenance of life.

So when you skip a meal you are definitely not starving.

During the human evolution our bodies were efficient at adapting to famine as this was extremely important for survival. The body would lower its metabolic rate to allow us to live longer so we could go out and hunt and forage for our next meal. Searching for our next meal could take days or longer.

So starvation is, well near death. So skipping a meal or not eating for hours, a day or even two days will not place you in starvation mode.

Studies have shown that the metabolic rate does not even slow down after 60 hours of not eating.

So next time you are starving go hunting and foraging by jumping into your car and driving to the nearest fast food chain.

Food for thought!

What do you thing of Starvation Mode, do you have any comments?


Be happy, be healthy, enjoy life

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