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  • Darren Baker

The Steps to Body Fat Reduction

Updated: Aug 31, 2023


Convince yourself you are ready to start and commit to a new healthier diet, do not falter until you reach your weight loss goal.

Make small changes to your diet. You should already know what food you should be cutting back on. Swap out “junk snacks” for healthier snacks. Do not over indulge. Cut the booze by half.

Create and start eating healthier meals. Once you have found meals that you like, stick to them. There are so many fantastic and tasty healthy foods to try which are very simple to prepare; go shopping and try something new. Being organised and planning your weekly meals will mean that you avoid the pitfalls of grabbing a high calorie convenience food.

Don’t starve yourself all week and then binge all weekend. There is no point as the calories just add up to the same at the end of the week resulting in no fat loss. Eat some foods that you enjoy during the week so you don’t crave them and binge eat at weekends.

Start counting calories and tracking your food intake utilising an app like MyFitnessPal.

Balance your macronutrients and track them using MyFitnessPal.

Incorporate flexible dieting so you can still eat the treats you love; but ensure you stick to your calories and macro’s.

Spread your meals over the day so you stay satiated which can keep you from turning to the “junk food” dark side.

When you reach your target weight stop counting calories and macro’s, and use the excellent knowledge on food you have gained to eat a well balanced diet for life.

Be happy, be healthy, enjoy life!


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